Why Knowledge-Led Growth™?

Buyers are tired of being sold to. Building knowledge builds trust & authority, demonstrates value, and engages prospects more authentically, enhancing your sales efforts and leading to longer relationships.

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Take the first step towards using knowledge to fuel revenue.

Total Economic Impact Report

Revinova helps UiPath maintain brand awareness and product expertise in the market, driving improved prospect conversion, reduced customer churn, stronger partner relationships, and downstream efficiency
benefits for customer success and sales personnel.


Return on investment

13 Cx FTEs

Equivalent of capacity saved


Legacy cost savings


Additional profit from improved prospect conversion and customer retention

“Our salespeople love UiPath Academy because when they talk to a customer or a partner, they can confidently point them in the right direction for onboarding and training.” Senior Technology Manager, UiPath

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Why businesses choose Revinova:


platform users


MQLs created


certified experts generated


Take smarter action powered by deeper insights.

The Revinova platform delivers intent and engagement signals every time prospects and customers interact with your content and products.

Marketing Leaders

Look at your offerings from the outside-in, start engaging with customers on their terms, and hone in on what’s working.

Sales Leaders

Receive more leads that are actually ready to talk to a representative, and watch your conversion rate and deal velocity increase.

Customer Success Leaders

Learn from marketing, sales, and your customers themselves in order to improve the customer experience, reduce churn, and increase upsells.