Why Knowledge-Led Growth™?

Buyers are tired of being sold to. Building knowledge builds trust & authority, demonstrates value, and engages prospects more authentically, enhancing your sales efforts and leading to longer relationships.

Boost upsells, reduce churn, and engage customers.

Knowledge-Led Growth™ creates well-informed customers and provides insights on their content engagement, empowering your Customer Success team to generate more upsells and reduce customer churn.

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Upgrade from traditional customer success

Using a knowledge platform, you can keep prospects engaged by providing tailored, continuous education that meets their needs and interests. This not only boosts customer satisfaction and upselling opportunities but also significantly reduces churn by ensuring users have the support and information they need to succeed.

Increase onboarding speed by 58%

86% of customers say they are more likely to remain loyal to a business that invests
in onboarding and continuous education (Userpilot).

Your prospects want education, but so do your customers. Foster long-term loyalty with a platform that allows you to onboard customers at scale with a clearly defined curriculum and provides them academy find the information they need on demand.

Start generating B2B revenue in 3 steps

Maximize the potential of Knowledge-Led Growth™ for your team and start growing revenue in 3 steps with our guide.
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    Kickstart your knowledge hub
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    Activate sales
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    Reinvest in what’s working

Capitalize on upsell and renewal opportunities

Without organic insight into what prospects are engaging with and interested in, you might miss the chance to boost revenue.

With Revinova insights, see exactly which topics and content customers are engaging with and interested in, so you can nurture them toward an upsell or renewal at the optimal time.

Explore our customers’ academies

Wondering what it looks like to build a successful academy that engages B2B prospects? Dive into our customers’ success stories:

Centralized content management

One platform for content management with global blocks means you can edit once, change everywhere.

“Revinova provided us with invaluable insights into what our customers were learning and engaging with. This clarity allowed us to identify upsell opportunities we never knew existed, perfectly timing our offers to match their interests and needs.”
Ademola L., Customer Success Leader

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