Why Knowledge-Led Growth™?

Buyers are tired of being sold to. Building knowledge builds trust & authority, demonstrates value, and engages prospects more authentically, enhancing your sales efforts and leading to longer relationships.

Welcome to Knowledge-Led Growth.

At Revinova, we’re on a mission to help B2B companies grow their revenue. We know that today’s buyers want to learn and research on their own before they talk to sales. Our Knowledge-Led Growth platform allows you to give buyers what they want, while your team gets more leads, sales, and insights from an untapped channel — knowledge.

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Made to accommodate today’s B2B buyers.

Our customers know that their customers hate being sold to — so we empower them to generate demand, leads, and sales authentically. Revinova helps you leverage knowledge content to meet buyers where they are and sell them on your product before they actually talk to sales.


Our Leadership

Caleb Costa
Vasu Ram
Richard Shea
Director of Customer Success

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Jackie Hartel
Sr. Account Executive
Brian Kramer
Sr. Account Manager
Kavin Kumar
Technical Implementation Manager
Prasanth Kumar
Director of Engineering
Brianne Bailey
Director of Marketing Operations
Mike Mahoney
Customer Support Manager
Julia Martin
Sr. Customer Support Agent
Vinoth Kumar
Project Manager
William Fox
Account Executive
Jason Quercio
Account Executive
Tamil Nambi
User Experience Architect
Rajaraman Swaminathan
Product Manager
Balaji Thiyagarajan
Balaji Thiyagarajan
Managed Services Specialist
Neezha Sakthivel
Neezha Sakthivel
Chief Architect R&D

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